home appraisals Edmonton

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home appraisals Edmonton

Why Locals Choose Frost & Associates For Home Appraisals in Edmonton:

If you’re searching for an appraisal agency in the Edmonton area, you don’t want to settle for anything less than the best. At Frost & Associates, you won’t have to settle. Agents at Frost & Associates are the best at what they do and offer the highest level of service available within the community. You may consider an appraisal to be merely another cost in a long line of costs related to the investment of real estate, but the fact is, it is widely regarded by experts that an appraisal is more of an investment than an actual expenditure; your appraisal can even work to your advantage financially. Consider the following benefits of contacting Frost & Associates:

Appraisers are third party, objective professionals who have no financial stake in the transaction at hand and are, as such, able to provide unbiased information regarding the property in question, or ‘Subject Property’ as it’s often called. Your appraisal will include details about the property with side-by-side comparisons of other real estate in the immediate area, which make for interesting and valuable material. Reading the appraisal, you’ll discover more about the real estate market in your vicinity. If the appraisal is to be used for a sales comparison, the homeowner will be able to apply a fair market value to the home when putting it up for sale.

If you’re thinking about buying a house, the cost of the appraisal can be considered the smartest money you’ll ever spend, as the appraisal can reveal characteristic flaws in the home or in the property. For example, not being familiar with the area, a home buyer may discover that the property is landlocked and that access to the property is non-existent, even if the homeowner insists they have been using a ‘road’ or driveway for years. Your appraisal might disclose a crumbling foundation, a roof that requires immediate replacement, or another issue that will significantly affect the price of the home. Affordable home appraisals from Edmonton agency Frost & Associates can save you money, time, and hassle.

Working with an agency that is able to provide you with an accurate appraisal of the property in question is crucial to ensure the timeframe of sale is not compromised. When the buyer and seller have agreed on the price of a home or piece of property, an inaccurate appraisal can serve to create negotiations that may stop the sale of the home. That’s why locals rely on Frost & Associates for a trusted valuation the first time.

Call 780-462-1782 for accurate, affordable home appraisals throughout Edmonton. Seeking a professional to provide an appraisal can help you make the best decision regarding the fair sale price of your home and will ensure that the process of selling is streamlined from start to finish. Call Frost & Associates for an appraisal for a single family home, rec property, new home construction, small rural property, duplex or fourplex, acreage, progress inspection assessment, appraisal appeal, or an appraisal regarding litigation.

home appraisals Edmonton
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