Misting System Parts

The summer heat can be extremely uncomfortable. Therefore, many businesses and homeowners ensure their misting fans are working during summer to boost comfort. If your misting system is not working, you could consider a residential or commercial mister for your space. Like any other mechanical device, misters require regular part replacement and servicing. Fortunately, Cool-Off has just the right misting accessories and misting parts for your cooling system.

Misting Nozzles

Misting nozzles are necessary for any cooling system, landscaping, humidification, ecological forest atomization, and garden watering system. They are suitable for ¼ tubing and can be connected to any tube. In addition, nozzles are easy to install and come with instructions. They can increase the misting range to 40 inches and cools the air by 20 degrees. You could upgrade to high-quality nozzles made of anti-rust brass material. This type of nozzle is sturdy and leakproof.

Alternatively, consider getting adjustable misting nozzles. These nozzles feature multiple spray seats that can be freely adjusted, assembled, dissembled easily, and sprayed in any direction. You could also get stainless steel plugin nozzles. They are easy to install, pull out, and fasten. In addition, the spray seat is made from Pe while the nozzle is metallic. This type of nozzle is environmentally friendly and durable.

PVC Couplings

These tiny fittings connect one part to another. PVC couplings are connected to nozzles so that they can be connected to the main system. It can be used in gardening, spraying disinfectant, swimming pool misting, humidification, and cooling for pets. PVC couplings are designed to withstand high pressure and can be easily hooked to a hose or faucet. These mister accessories are extremely easy to fit a nozzle. They can be easily joined and taken apart without experiencing excessive wear and tear.

Atomizing Sprayer

This product works like misting pumps to push out water through nozzles into fine particles to cool your space. Ensure the spray head of the atomizing sprayer you intend to buy is compatible with your misting system. This accessory has a simple installation; connect it directly to the mister hose.

Misting Nozzle Tees

This product features a thread misting nozzle connected to a ¼ inch tubing via a sliding lock. Tees are made of strong a durable material to prevent breaking or bending. In addition, they have anti-corrosion and leakproof properties, making them extremely durable. Consider getting enough tees to replace and interchange when necessary.

Mist Tubing

This product is extremely durable, corrosion-resistant, and can withstand high pressure. It has a bright, beautiful appearance and can be connected directly to tap water. Because it does not consume power, it saves on energy bills. In addition, misting tubing is designed to withstand the elements.

A drip irrigation tube is recommended for people looking for misting tubing for their outdoor spaces. It can be hooked directly to a DIY spray system, micro bubbler, or spot watering emitter.

Cool-Off has an entire inventory of misting system parts. Our products are designed to last and provide great value for money. Please call us at 800-504-6478 or shop now at cool-off.com for the best misting systems.

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