Plumber Grand Prairie TX

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Plumber Grand Prairie TX

Morgan Leak Detection & Plumbing is an experienced and affordable plumber in Grand Prairie, TX. We are available round the clock to address your plumbing emergencies, and we also offer free estimates for residential and commercial plumbing projects.

Ways to detect a water leak

Apart from severely compromising your structure's integrity, your water leak issue could cost you hundreds of dollars in water bills. If you suspect a leak in your house or yard, here are some ways to detect water leaks efficiently:

  • Check your meter - The digital meter in your house is a good way to detect a water leak. Observe the readings of the “flow rate” in the meter and check if the flow rate for ten consecutive flashes is higher than 0. A reading higher than 0 is a definite sign that you have a leak issue in the house.
  • Look for leaks inside the home - Turn off all sources of water and the main valve if you can and carefully listen for noises of running water through your pipes. Start from the basement as 90% of the times, this is where the fault is more likely to occur. Try to follow the pipe to its source as this can help you take the necessary action.
  • Water damage in kitchen and ceilings - Another way to detect a leak is to walk around the house and look for wet spots on your floor. Wet spots on the floor, damp wood floors, and damp carpets are some of the signs of a burst pipe.

Besides, if you spot signs of mold in your ceiling or walls, it may be due to a water leak in your basement or roof. Schedule a site inspection with the best plumber in Grand Prairie, TX, to help you detect the issue and correct it in its early stages.

What do you do in a plumbing emergency?

While most of us tend to panic during plumbing emergencies, keeping your calm can help you to reduce the damages in your home significantly. In case of emergency, turn off the main valve and do not turn it on until the plumber arrives. Also, turn off your water heater to prevent it from overheating or bursting, and make sure to turn off the gas.

If you have a small leak in your house, tackle it with a plumber’s tape until your plumber arrives or place a bucket under the dripping water to contain the situation.

Tips for choosing the right plumber for the job

Choose a technician that has plenty of experience, if you need to fix a major plumbing issue. Be sure to hire a licensed and registered plumber in your state. Hire a plumber that responds to your plumbing requests within a short time. Lastly, hire a plumber with an excellent online reputation and positive reviews.

Cliff Morgan is a highly skilled and reliable plumber in Grand Prairie, TX, with over 30 years of experience. Contact the Morgan Leak Detection & Plumbing for assistance with plumbing repairs.

Plumber Grand Prairie TX
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Plumber Grand Prairie TX
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